Saturday, November 20, 2010


How is it already November?  I find it hard to believe that Christmas is a month away, it doesn't feel like November- It's 80 degrees and sunny.  I've been without internet for a while which has been good and bad.  It's been good focusing on more creative and mind-broadening activities in my free time and to take a break from the enthralling world of facebook, gmail and skype.  I did miss my daily contact with the outside world.  There's something comforting about hearing how everyone's lives continue in a similar fashion at home while I am so far away.  I know it's only been a few months since I left home but I feel like i've been here for ages. It's strange the way that time moves here.  Because the seasons don't change, it feels as though time stands still, yet every time I look at the calendar another month has passed by.

The past few weeks have been new and interesting.  My schedule has been flipped by the ongoing bus crisis.  Usually, all 400ish students are bussed a half hour bumpy ride from their homes on Ebeye to our high school in Gugeegue.  The school owns 3 buses, 2 of which customarily function.  For a while, however, only one bus was working.  This meant that it would take half the day to get all of the students to school.  The endless, overcrowded and pot-hole ridden trips took a real toll on our lone bus.  On top of this, we ran out of fuel.  To conclude the bus saga, the teachers are now bussed to Ebeye to teach at the Middle School in the evening.  In our brief stint at the Middle school, our high schoolers have wreaked havoc.  Each day, I get complaints from the teacher whose classroom I am using that various items are broken or missing.  Also, one of the math classroom windows has been smashed by one of my delightful freshman.  In fact, I was locked out of my classroom on Friday (I'm guessing on purpose). The school security guard ordered one of my students to break in through the window and let the rest of the class in.  During my roommate, Amanda's class, there was a diaper throwing contest outside. Imagine trying to teach a class of unruly sophomores as dirty diapers fly at you through the second story window. During my other roommate, Mary's class, a drunk man walked brazenly across the room to the doorless bathroom and relieved himself.  It's been an eventful week. Well, that's enough internet for me, I've had an internet overdose today...